Correction Officer's Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club
An International law enforcement motorcycle club designed exclusively for the Department
of Corrections. Serving civilian Corrections (The Geo Group and Corrections Corporation of
America), County, State, Federal, Military Correction Officers, DOC employees, and their
families and friends
. Hard Chargers Motorcycle Club (HCMC) was founded by a Correctional
officer, specifically for Corrections personnel, and their family and friends.

HCMC is the first Correction officer MC to use the LE as a patch. LE stands for law
enforcement. Correction officers enforce the law within their facilities through the powers
given to them by County, State and Federal courts. Many facilities have C/O's that have
powers of arrest. These C/O's may or may not have been deputised by their respected
Sheriff's departments. They in turn enforce the law at even a greater level then their
counterparts. Other C/O's are also part-time police officers. Military personnel can be both
corrections and police.

HCMC's philosophy and by-laws are quite different then other Correction Officer MCs. It is
much harder to acquire membership in this club. The initial cost is much higher then others.
The embroidered patches are of the highest quality. The requirements to maintain
membership are based on time in employment, honor, honesty, confidentiality, responsibility,
maturity and team effort. And I am not saying that the other MC's are lacking in any of this;
just that these
HCMC by-laws are different.

HCMC will never consider this MC to be better then any other Correction MC. As far as I am
concerned, no MC is better than any other MC. What is best for a potential member is for
them to decide which MC is better for them.
The philosophy of any MC is what makes or breaks that MC. Members join because they
believe in the clubs way of life. They make their decisions based on what they see, feel and

I have been in contact with many MC members and their office holders. We all have the
understanding that all bikers are brothers and sisters. And like all families, you don't always
see eye to eye, and don't always get along with each other.

Any MC who gains another member...good for them. Any MC who looses a member to another
MC...bad for one, good for the other one. The member is still a biker; still in a club, and still
supporting one of hundreds of charity funds that nearly all MC's are involved in around this
country. It's good business to keep the biker in a club, no matter who's club it is.

Some MC's are non-profit. Some are considered a business.
HCMC can be considered a
small business. It takes a certain amount of money to cover the cost of a nationwide MC. It
will advertise through snail mail, magazines and the Internet. It will take all available steps in
the business world to acquire new Correction officer members and open new chapters. No
different then any other business minded MC has done.

There is no doubt that
HCMC will gain former members from other MC's. There is also no
doubt that I will loose members to all ready established Correction officer MC's. That is the
way things are, that's life in the business world. Bottom line is, the biker is still riding with
other bikers, enjoying life and supporting other bikers and their philosophies. That is known
as freedom of choice!

With Respect to all MCs
Steven Pollard aka Shadow
National President
Hard Chargers LE MC New Hampshire chapter
Someone who cares and does something about it!

More then just a team player and unlike a traditional team leader!

Someone who gives all they've got when it is necessary to correct or improve a
situation, with absolutely no self-interest except to right a wrong!

To travel a different path that leads to betterment for all living things!

To get the job done at all logical cost!

To have given "blood, sweat and tears" and asked for nothing in return!

Someone who does not put themselves above others, and knows that they are also
"second to none"!

Someone who is loyal to themselves, their family, their profession, and their country!
To bring all biker personnel within the Department of Corrections the world over closer

Riding and sharing experiences with those who understand the profession we work in.

To share valuable time with other motorcycle enthusiasts while creating a local, statewide,
national and international bond with our brothers and sisters in the world of Corrections.

To make the profession that we have chosen to work in a better place.

To spend off-duty time with our peers in the company of other Chapter members and their
families while traveling and enjoying ourselves in the motorcycle world.

To raise public awareness and raise money for worth while charitable causes.

To promote, assist, and show others the on-going campaign for motorcycle safety.
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Steven Pollard
Hard Chargers LE Motorcycle Club
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